Keep calm and stay regular. IsaComfort® is gentle digestive support. Because it’s really hard to be a happy human without a happy gut.

Here’s a riddle: When is regular the greatest thing ever? When you’re talking about digestion. Take the riddle out of being regular with the herbal digestive support of IsaFlush.

  • Detox daily. A balanced digestive system means your body is better able to eliminate toxins.*
  • Absorb what’s good. A happy, healthy gut takes in more of the good stuff.
  • Fasting’s friend. It’s good to have friends. Intermittent fasting, meet IsaFlush. IF loves IF.
  • Clean. Dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free. Fully vegetarian.
  • Let it go, naturally
    Maybe the only thing worse than holding onto negative emotions is holding onto meals. You’re doing great at letting go of the bad vibes. Time to let go of the rest.
    Relax, no harsh laxatives
    Life isn’t great when digestive support includes a harsh laxative that makes you run to the loo. IsaComfort has no chemical laxatives.
    Own the microbiome
    A healthy gut microbiome is a key component to good health and weight loss.
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What’s Inside

Natural digestive support without laxatives

Better Digestion
Great health starts inside. Just don’t let it get stuck there.
A gentle digestive aid for everyday use.
Support your body’s natural detoxification process.
Peppermint Leaf
Helps soothe common sources of stomach discomfort.
Frequently Asked

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