Cleanse for Life®

Own fast days (or any day) with a detox drink full of superfood nutrients. Think intermittent fasting isn’t your thing? Think again. You just haven’t tried the Isagenix method of intermittent fasting that we call Cleanse Days.

Your squad just showed up for Cleanse Days. Coming together to help you fast, detox, and burn some stubborn fat. Just trying to get through a fast day? Nah, you’re about to make fast day the best day.

  • Team superfoods: Peppermint, aloe vera, turmeric, licorice root, bilberry, and more ...
  • Always a good idea. Perfect for cleanse days or any day needing a refresh and reset.
  • Oxidative stress? Stress less with these detox botanicals.*
  • Fast-friendly. Doing intermittent fasting? Meet your new IFBFF.
  • Your Best Detox
    Results, not shortcuts. This detox system doesn’t rely on diuretics or laxatives. Instead, Cleanse for Life® supports the liver as it filters toxins from the body’s bloodstream, as well as using digestive aids found in nature to help your body remove impurities and protect against oxidative stress.*
    Thrive Your Way
    One size may fit most, but it doesn’t mean it looks good. Likewise, there’s no one path to optimal health. Whether it’s intermittent or alternate day fasting, a cleanse can help jump-start your body’s self-restoration and cell formation cycle. Because wellbeing starts from the inside out, not from a number on the scale.
    Cleanse Day Is the Best Day
    Our bodies do some pretty cool things while fasting. Like fat burning, cellular renewal, and detoxification (oh my!). All that while enjoying a refreshing beverage throughout the day? Yes, please.
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What’s Inside

Intermittent fasting done right...

A Great Team
If the perfect detox and healthy weight loss walked into a bar … they’d definitely order a glass of Cleanse for Life.
Your Favorite Flavors
Suddenly, the most difficult part of cleanse day is picking which flavor to enjoy first. Peach Mango? Natural Rich Berry? The delicious struggle is real.
Detox Support
Supports your body as it naturally detoxifies.*
Frequently Asked

Your questions, answered

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